The history of Noyanlar Group of Companies dates way back to the 1970's. Like most initiatives, the company started off as small scale, but within time it evolved to its current state today.


The beginning of the road

The roots of the company go way back to the 1970's. Between the years 1971-1974 architect Gökhan Noyan had undertaken numerous projects for private companies alongside individual projects in the field of architecture.


The power of uniting

In 1975, engineer Mustafa Noyan joined forces with Gökhan Noyan and together they took on more and larger projects in the field of architecture and engineering.


From an office to a family-run LTD.

At first, Gökhan Noyan in partnership with a friend, established Arken Architecture & Engineering Office (Arken Mimarlık Mühendislik Bürosu). Later on, with the contribution of Sultan Noyan they bought half of the company's shares and transformed the office into a LTD - Arken Mimarlık Mühendislik LTD. Thus, the company became a family-owned and operated business.


Establishing the family name

By 1994 the company turned to its family name and established Noyanlar Construction LTD.


On the rise

In 1999 young architect Ahmet Noyan joined the team. His entrepreneur skills further developed the company. Furthermore, the company became Gökhan Noyan & Son LTD. The first large scale site project was carried out during these years. Within a very short time the company made successful investments in areas from Famagusta to İskele and steadily made progress. The Famagusta Branch office was also established during this year.


Group of Companies

In 2008 the company started all its operations under the name of "Noyanlar Group of Companies" - as it stands today. Our rental company was also launched during this year and has ever since been active.


Vision and Expansion

With the establishment of Noyanlar Development LTD. in 2011 the company took its operations even further. The following year Artwin Development LTD. was also formed. By now the Executive Board of Noyanlar Group of Companies had a well-established vision, which has enabled the company to always look into the future and focus on new market potentials. While focusing on these matters the company had also considered integrity as part of its corporate identity. By integrating pool systems, the company had by these years reached a portfolio of diverse and widespread customers from different cultures of the world.


From Local to Global

The consecutive years put Noyanlar Group of Companies further into a global environment. The company had moved from a small local office to a renowned and reputable company carrying out its operations internationally. The new marketing strategies focusing on the global market has in creating a solid network in China, Belarus, Iran, Russia, Israel and Ukraine. Our Moscow Branch Office opened in 2014 whereas our St. Petersburg Office opened in 2017 alongside another office in Israel.


New Areas

Apart from construction, development and estate, Noyanlar Group of Companies has also made a move to the tourism sector. With an aim to further develop in this sector, a 100 bed capacity hotel is being constructed under the flag of Artwin Ltd. The hotel project is aimed to be completed further this year.