Looking for a place to simply have fun and entertainment? North Cyprus has it all: bowling centers, karaoke nights, cinemas...


From the Five-Finger Mountain range to the blue waters of the Mediterranean there is plenty of space and things to do.


Do you prefer a quite pub where you can chat with your friends or someplace for hardcore partying? North Cyprus offers it all.


From local fish restaurants to traditonal taverns offering the best from the Cypriot cuisine. There's simply a lot of tastes out here to sample.


Looking for things to do in North Cyprus? If you are looking for adventure, outdoor activities, places to try Cypriot food or fun and entertainment there is a good chance you can find it in North Cyprus.

Due to its mild climate, Cyprus is a suitable site for the sport of golf to be played all year round. Top quality facilities which have recently been built increase the attraction to the sport on the island. Especially, the Korineum Golf & Country Club has been the Med’s natural golf paradise since the Grand Opening in April 2007. The 18 hole championship golf course is a dynamic 6,232 metres, 72 par gem designed for golfers of all standards and ages. The unique design enables the golfers to enjoy mountain and seas view from each hole making it a breathtaking experience and also a golfing challenge that golfers want to experience over and over again.

The unspoilt landscape and location along a prime migratory route make North Cyprus the ideal destination for enthusiasts wishing to observe rare birds in their natural habitat. In North Cyprus, birdwatching is becoming a popular pastime. The eastern Mediterranean has long been known as a crossroads for species of bird on their long-distance travels. Relatively isolated and less developed than many of its counterparts, North Cyprus attracts considerable numbers of passing migratory birds and the largely unspoilt Karpaz Peninsula, a national park, is prime twitcher territory. Species commonly spotted include the endemic Cyprus Pied Wheatear and Cyprus Warbler. You will typically come across a wide array of birds, both migrant and resident.

For those who enjoy scuba diving, North Cyprus is an excellent choice, boasting warm waters, excellent visibility, as well as numerous fascinating dive sites to explore. Crystal-clear, unpolluted waters mean visibility extends as far as 30 metres. The waters are warm enough too to be suitable for diving all year round. Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert when it comes to scuba diving, North Cyprus boasts sites to suit all levels of experience. North Cyprus's scuba diving site highlights include the 'Antique Shop' a cove littered with the remains of ancient amphora; and Zeyko, a 14-metre underwater mountain.

The Buyukkonuk Eco-Tourism Association extends a warm welcome to everyone who visits their village. In the Eco-Tourism Visitor Centre there is always someone to give advice or explain how village crafts are made. These crafts may encompass bread making, weaving, basket making etc. Woodworking, using the natural resources that are sustainable, for example olive wood that is a by-product of the tree when it is regularly pruned, cheese making and some of the delicious dishes that are part of truly Cypriot cuisine, dishes that are so often cooked in the large clay ovens to be found in the gardens of most village houses. Recipes that have been handed down through generations and are not to be found in town restaurants. There are activity days when demonstrations are given on bread and cheese making.

With rugged coastlines stretching for more than a hundred miles, towering mountain peaks, untouched terrains and an average of three hundred and fourty days of sunshine a year, North Cyprus is a trekker's paradise! Cyprus’ unique and mild climate provides the possibility for trekking all throughout the year. Whilst trekking along the many paths prepared along the Beşparmak (Five Finger) Mountains you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature as well as stumbling upon historical treasures such as St. Hilarion Castle which pop out of the natural environment as if they spring out of story books. Unearth charming villages, historical sites and panoramic views that will take your breath away.

Feeling the need for speed? Whether you are young or old, you can enjoy the thrill of karting courses in Northern Cyprus. The single-engine vehicle can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h and can take corners far more effectively than a regular car, because they are so close to the ground.Zet Karting go-kart track located on the outskirts of Nicosia is where you can test your driving skills properly. This top quality race track parade is the largest in North Cyprus, 1200 meters long with a width of 7 meters. Tazkarts go-kart track located east of Kyrenia and has a track covering 350 meters, so it’s a perfect track if you are with a young family. Furthermore, Max Power go-kart is fir those who want to feel the adrenaline in Famagusta.


HORSE RIDING // ride and relax at Royal Riding Club

It's easy to create unforgettable memories on this beautiful island of Cyprus by taking a coastal ride on horseback and watching the sun set across the sea.

If you want to improve on your existing skills or are a beginner who would like to start learning to ride and experience the thrill of being on horseback you may visit one of the several horse riding clubs in North Cyprus.

Luckily, we have one just at our doorstep: Royal Riding Club. Royal Riding Club is located behind our main office building, adjacent to our Sea Life development. The Club offers safari and sea trips on horseback, riding courses, pheaton rides and paddock trips for the little ones.

For those who would like to try their luck under the dazzling array of lights, North Cyprus has the finest of top quality casinos legally operating live, just as in countries such as USA, Germany, China and Australia. Arkin Palm Beach, Artemis, Merit Hotels, Elexus, Cratos, Nuhun Gemisi and Golden Tulip are only few of the hotels here in Cyprus that have excuisite casinos.

Stalk your opponents through the North Cyprus landscape, then splat them with your paintball, and grab the flag to win! Fun for all the family. North Cyprus is a great place to experience the thrill of paintball for the first time, amongst stunning scenery and greenery. Places to play are: Paint Zone (Nicosia), Paint Ball Bar (Famagusta), The Sunset Club (Kyrenia), PaintBall Cyprus (Nicosia) and Haskar Paintball (Morphou).

Living in or visiting North Cyprus you’ll probably be pleased to know that there is plenty of nightlife available. We assure you, if you are a dancing queen, there is a wealth of night-time activity to keep you occupied. One of the most popular ones is Escape Beach Club in Alsancak. Others worth mentioning are Cage Club, Escape, Tango to Buddha, Barcode (in Kyrenia), Club 27 and Kybele (in Famagusta).

North Cyprus has a pretty large festival scene. You can attend village festivals that play on the particular speciality that the village lends its name to, or you can feast on the international music and culture festivals at some of the great historical venues in North Cyprus. The Olive Festival in Zeytinlik, Büyükkonuk Eco-festival, the International Bellapais Music Festival, International Famagusta Art & Culture Festival and EMU Spring Fest are few of the ones to look out for.

There are at least as many bars and pubs in Northern Cyprus as there are restaurants – which should tell you that there is a wide choice available to keep everyone happy whatever their own personal pub or bar preference. Cadi Kazani Café Bar, Narnia, Paddys Irish Restaurant and Pub, Zephyr (in Nicosia), Shamrock, Monks Inn, De Molay (in Famagusta), Cream Bar, Ego Bar, Tunnel and many other bars at or around the harbour (in Kyrenia).

Cinemas in North Cyprus present recently released films, and the repertoire is usually changed every week. All the movie theatres are equipped according to the modern technologies, providing image and sound of high quality. Most of the cinemas have several halls to present several movies at one time. Lemar and Galleria cinemas can be found in Nicosia, Famagusta and Kyrenia.

The essentials for an islander

Dining // food, drinks and coffee of course

You will be pleased to know that when eating out in North Cyprus there are a broad range of choices available in terms of cuisine and restaurant types. Hotels offering a vast array of exquisite style menus, traditional Turkish Cypriot restaurants providing the best of Cypriot cuisine, quality eateries providing European and International dining, family restaurants to dine out with your kids, à la carte venues offering fine wines and excellent quality meals, fast food eateries - you name it.

Just like the variety of eateries, there are also numerous cafes and coffeeshops available in North Cyprus. Coffee is an essentail part of life for Cypriot's so we couldn't go without mention.

Check out our hand-picked locations for food, drinks and coffee below (please hover over images for details).