A new commercial on the beautiful life that awaits you at Long Beach


Long Beach: a life far from the crowded city life.

Why Noyanlar? (English Subtitles)

Noyanlar Group Summer 2017

Noyanlar Group gives you a short insight into what the summer of Long Beach looks like.

Holiday Life 2017 - Noyanlar Group

Noyanlar Group presents to you the updated and longer version of Holiday Life.

Holiday Life for All

This is exactly what to expect from us: a holiday life for everyone.

Long Beach is Calling

Noyanlar Group presents to you a look at the beautiful environment of Long Beach and what it has to offer.

2017 Cyprus Summer - Noyanlar Group

Another video update on the numerous things to do and places to go within the area and in North Cyprus.

Long Beach Tour

An aerial tour taking you around the sites developed by Noyanlar Group of Companies within the Long Beach area.

2017 Cyprus Summer - Noyanlar Group

Noyanlar Group of Companies presents The Long Beach region that is situated on the coast of North Cyprus.

How To Come?

This video takes you on a journey and displays exactly how to come and what to expect in your trip.

How To Buy?

Another video showing you what to expect once you arrive and how we shall walk you through our property tours and assist in your property purchase.

Royal Sun Residence

An updated video of Royal Sun Residence. Moving onto the latter phases of the development you may now see how life is on the completed part of this marvellous site.

Royal Sun Residence 2016

A closer look at the outstanding 3-phased development from Noyanlar. With 7 different property types to choose from and a wide range of services and activities this site surely is an eyeopener.

Royal Life Residence

Noyanlar Group of Companies presents our 18th project - Royal Life Residence.

Cyprus Holiday Life

This video presents the numerous activities, amenities and natural beauties that you would find yourself in among our developments and project areas.

Sea Life Residence Rental

Ever thought about renting a holiday home at Sea Life Residence. Here's what to expect.

Royal Riding Club

Interested in horseriding. Then come join us at the Royal Riding Club located at our premises.

Noyanlar Group Summer Time

A nice video showing you what to typically expect during summer time while walking you through our project areas.

Royal Sun - Opening

A night to remember. Celebrating 42 years of experience and the opening of Royal Sun Residence.

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